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What Is A Brazilian Blowout?

As one of the most popular hair treatments available, the Brazilian Blowout has been a customer favorite for years. Women looking to get stronger, smoother hair have opted for Brazilian Blowouts to restore their hair back to its beautiful sheen. At I Heart Salon & Day Spa, a hair salon in Waco, Texas, we have put together a quick guide to show you what a Brazilian Blowout is and how you can benefit from one.

What Is A Brazilian Blowout?

What Are Brazilian Blowouts?

A Brazilian Blowout is a hair treatment that consists of a liquid keratin formula that will bond to the hair to create a protective layer around each strand. The main benefits of a Brazilian Blowout are that it will diminish frizz, protect against external damage, and seal the cuticle.

Will A Brazilian Blowout Make My Hair Completely Straight?

The goal of a Brazilian Blowout is to smooth and straighten the hair while giving it an extra layer of protection. Your stylist can use a flat iron to completely straighten your hair if you would prefer, or it can be styled into a different style. Many women choose to go with a straight style after a Brazilian Blowout.

How Long Does A Brazilian Blowout Last?

On average, with proper care, a Brazilian Blowout can last up to 10-12 weeks. By using the right after-care products, you can ensure that your blowout will last longer.

Brazilian Blowouts In Waco, Texas

At I Heart Hair Salon & Day Spa, you can get some of the best Brazilian Blowouts in Waco, Texas. Since 2007, our stylists have been offering some of the most popular hair treatments and hair cuts in the Central Texas area. To get more information about our Brazilian Blowouts, fill out our contact form. If you are ready to book your appointment, fill out our convenient online booking form.


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